- 10 Raw Videos (30-60 seconds) for Instagram

- 1 Hour of Filming - $100 (Pasadena Area Only)

(Editing not included)


Basic Instagram Package

- 10 Raw Videos (30-60 seconds) for Instagram

- 5 Videos w/ light edit (simple color grade + music) OR 1 video edit

- Film + Edit - $300 (Pasadena Area Only)

- Additional single clip edits $30 per video (60 seconds max)

- Additional Compilation Video Edit $150 per video (60 seconds max)


Youtube videography

- Three Camera set up (two stationary + one handheld gimbal)

- 3-Point LED Light Set up

- Does not include editing

- Half-Day Rate $400


Creative productions

For those looking to push the envelope and take their fitness content to new heights. It is possible to get months worth of video and photo content in one afternoon, but it does take budget and planning.

Let us help you create your vision and make it real. We can help you with everything from creating the concept, scouting the location, to finding models and crew.

Estimated Budget Needed: $1000-$5000


social media Consulting

We’re all still learning but that doesn’t mean that we can’t share what we’ve learned so far and grow together. Whether you’re learning to create on your own or you want to bring some creatives to help you out, we can help break down some of the basics to get you started. It’s a crazy game and it takes a lot to commit to, but the creation process gets a lot more fun as you go along.

- By Phone: First 30 minutes Free

- Phone Consultations: 1 hr - $60

- In-Person Consultations $80