Frequently Asked Questions

I've seen a lot of these exercises on youtube and instagram, can I do it on my own?

Youtube and instagram is awesome for learning new things and getting inspiration (I learned how to ski by squatting in front of 2-3 hrs of youtube.) Where the program differs is by breaking up all the cool complex movements and flows you see on social media, and breaks it up into separate movements that you eventually piece together.

How will this help my riding?

We don't teach the skills and technique of snowboarding, we train fundamental functional movement patterns when you get on the hill, you can just worry about your technique, and not worry about your body's ability to execute the technique.

Is this program suitable for everyone?

Short answer: No. If you have wrist pain from planks or push ups, or if your knee hurts doing a few squats, sorry the courses are not suitable for you. You can sign up for individually designed programs if you're interested.

Better answer: This program is designed for serious riders who have grown up a bit, though maturity not required. You do not have to be advanced rider, but you do need the fitness pre-requisites of being able to ride to go through the program. You do not have to be old, in age or maturity levels (haha) but you do have to be serious about improving your heath understanding that your health and fitness is more fundamental to your riding than any piece of gear you may buy.

I'm a serious rider, will I like the program?

That depends on you. None of the exercises in the program are "instagram worthy" but they work. If you're looking for high-intensity plyometric (aka jumping) movements right off the bat, this core-stabilization program is not for you. If you follow the course, you will eventually progress to the power program where more jumping is involved.

In my book, jumping is cheap. Meaning it doesn't take any thought or creativity on behalf of the trainer to get their clients heart rate up by jumping. There are so many other ways to get a client's heart rate up without subjecting their joints to the high-impact of jumping, but it does take more thought.

If you stick with the program long enough, I promise you some very "instagram worthy" moments to come.

What can I expect from this program?

What you won't find

  • excessive jumping, the training you see pros do on redbull tv is objectively not the things you should be doing, what they post on social media is exciting, but doesn't build a proper foundation. You can put out power, but do you actually know where that power is coming from? hips? or your back

  • lame single leg bosu drills

  • painfully slow movement sequences

  • systematic progression

  • layer motor patterns ontop of solid foundation of other motor patterns

What are the goals of the programs?

Short term: Increase core stability, mobility, and strength.

Long term: Ride til you die.

How is this program different from other online fitness programs?

As far as we know, this is the only fitness program designed by a snowboarder for snowboarders that can be done without any piece of equipment. Though a foam roller should be absolutely critical to your mobility.

This is the only program that systematically progresses you through stabilization, strength, and power.

This is the only program that emphasizes isometric contractions and painful slow movements to build your foundation. (Things that professionals do off-camera to get up to their instagram moments.)

This is the only courses that utilizes rotational movements to help riders steer and control their board.