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Performance Benefits





Eat Chatter  |  Rail Turns  |  Get More Pop





Mobility to Glide | Stability to Fly





Stay Young | Be Wild | Live Free


Performance Training Programs

Performance Training Programs are professional designed and systematically structured to develop progression within each domain. These total body workouts are specifically designed to improve both the Rider's physical health as well peak performance within each domain, providing both Strength and Conditioning to each training session. Through progression, Riders will develop Stability, increase Strength, to generate max Power in each domain.


Core Training

module 1 - core Training

Slow is Smooth. Smooth is Fast.

Core Training Programs utilizes dreadfully slow movements and isometric holds to increase awareness and develop strong neuromuscular connections. 


Balance Training

module 2 - Balance Training

Getting comfortable with discomfort.

Balance Training Programs systematically introduce instability and variability to training in order to improve the body’s ability to stay upright, centered, and primed.


Plyometric Training

module 3 - Plyometric Training

Faster. Higher.

Plyometric Programs train neuromuscular systems to reactively accelerate and decelerate at high speeds, creating a silent and powerful Rider.

Health & Performance Training

High Performance Lifestyle Coaching Subscription Plans.


$99 / month


  • Performance Training Program 3 days/week

  • Record work outs and progress

  • Record exercise form & technique videos

  • Nutrition Habit Tracking

  • Track Meals with Photos

  • Integration with MyFitnessPal, Fitbit, & MyZone

  • Email for Tech support


$799 / month

Includes Custom Plan plus:

  • Monthly Trainer Progress Assessment

  • Monthly Program Evaluation

  • Customized Training Schedule

  • Nutrition Habit Coaching

  • In-App Trainer messaging

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Includes Custom & Individual Plans plus:

  • Virtual Training Sessions 2x/wk

  • Trainer Nutrition Consultations 1x/wk

  • Personalized Resistance Training Program

  • 2 workouts per week

  • Incorporate barbells, dumbbells, kettlebells, power plate, bosu, indian clubs, etc. to your training program

Coming Soon!

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