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How it began…

What started as a trainer wanting to create exciting, dynamic, and inspiring social media content for himself quickly became a way to help other athletes and trainers create content for their own fitness brands.

Our work is authentic, and we work towards creating an environment that fuels creativity.

All of our creations, start with a vibe.


“Run and Gun” Packages

For one-time event to produce:

  • One 30-60 second video with multiple cuts or

  • Multiple 15-45 second videos with little or no cuts


  • Filming

  • Editing w/ 2 Revisions

  • Videos w/ licensed music

  • Gimbal available for additional charge

  • Travel rates will vary pending on location

Suitable for:

  • Physical Therapy, Chiropractic, Massage & Spa Clinics

  • Yoga, Cross-fit, and Boutique Fitness Studios

  • Fitness Trainers and Brands


“content Creator” Packages

For Content Creators who want to simplify their life and increase the quality of their content by outsourcing their production and allowing them to focus on what matters most, bringing their knowledge and talents to the camera.

Professional Grade Equipment Includes:

  • Available 1080p up to 180fps and 4K up to 60fps

  • Multiple Cameras available for use pending on situation

  • Boom, Shotgun, Lavalier, and Wireless mics available

  • Studio Backdrops

  • LED Studio Lights

  • For filming only

  • Video editing for Youtube currently not available

“social media” packages

For fitness brands looking to consistently and reliably batch their content production in a single afternoon:

  • Produce weeks worth of content from a single event

Production Costs Include:

  • Pre-planning and logistics

  • Half-Full Day of Filming

  • Video Editing

  • File management

  • LED Studio Lights

  • Audio Equipment

  • Gimbals

  • Additional Crew

  • Licensed music and thumbnails optimized for instagram


Reach out to us to receive a media kit with some of the latest video work.

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